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Top ten cheapest vacation spots in Vietnam

Since the first tourists came to Vietnam in early 1990s, Vietnam has become a popular destination for budget visitors, especially adventurous travelers who are looking for off the beaten track destinations, enjoy the wild beauty of nature and authentic cultural value or local people. Within the frame of this article I would like to give you guys some personal experience and information about the cheapest and worth visiting places in Vietnam where backpackers should explore. Just stay away from touristy and sites such as Halong bay, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh city, Sapa or Hanoi where full of tourists with expensive hotels, restaurants and professional services. Come and find out.
Top ten cheapest vacation spots in Vietnam
1 - Yen Bai
In the map of Vietnam travel, Yen Bai is a less known destination for international tourists compared to Sapa or Ha Giang, however as Sapa and Ha Giang have become more and more touristy in recent years, Yen Bai is emerging as an attractive spot for travelers, especially travelers who want to discover the off the beaten track places that still retain the authentic characteristics and the untouched charming beauty of a mountainous region. I would definitely recommend Yen Bai as the top destination for budget travelers, there is no high end 4-5 star hotels or resorts and other money consuming facilities. Travel to Yen Bai you stay in basic guesthouses or homestay in the villages, eat local food prepared by local friendly people.
Some attractions in Yen Bai
- Paddy terraces in Mu Cang Chai
- Thac Ba lake, one of the biggest reservoirs in Vietnam
- Suoi Giang village, famous for ancient Tea trees
- Luc Yen precious stone mines
- Dangerous mountain passes and beautiful H'mong villages of Ta Xi Lang, Lim Mong, Phinh Ho...
Yen Bai travel
Lai Chau:
My most favourite place in the northwest, Lai Chau is an ideal destination for adventurous travelers. I have been to Lai Chau 2 times in late 1990s when this province was not divided into 2 provinces Dien Bien and Lai Chau. The feeling of riding a motorbike on winding passes or cross the Nam Na river in flood season, watching sunset from the Hang Tom bridge was unforgettable. I still remember the time when our car was broken on the way, it took us half day to fix it and we had to travel to Pha Din pass in the middle of the night in heavy rain in order to arrive in Son La on time the next morning. Now part of Lai Chau has been under water with the completion of Son La hydro power plan. What impress travelers the most in Lai Chau is the bridges hanging precariously over the rivers, on the other side of the bridges are poor and simple stilt houses of Mang ethnic people. There are not many landscapes in Lai Chau however this region has it's own attractions, the tranquil space of mountain and forests, magnificent nature with wild villages hidden on the hill side. With over 20 ethnic minority groups Lai Chau is really a hideaway from bustling cities
Some attractions in Lai Chau:
- O Quy Ho and Pha Din passes, considered the most spectacular passes in north Vietnam
- Sin Ho and Muong Te districts, note that you must have permit to visit these places
- Pu Sam Cap, a complex of caves and grotto system at an elevation of over 1300 m
- Dao San market
- Hill tribe villages Na Luong, Pu Dao and Vang Pheo
- Herbal bath in Sin Ho
- Ma Ly Pho commune in Phong Tho district
- Tea plantations in Tam Duong
Lai Chau travel
Nam Dinh:
Nam Dinh province is about 90km from Hanoi. Nam Dinh is not famous as a tourist destination like the touristy neighbor Ninh Binh however this is just what make it more attractive for spiritual visitors who want to have some peace of mind on an excursion out of Hanoi. Actually Nam Dinh is very busy in early Lunar New Year with many cultural and spiritual festivals such Phu Giay festival, don't forget to take part in the human chess when you come here, Tran temple festival, famous as a secret place if you want to be successful in your career, Vieng market festival if you want to buy good luck for the new year...Not only that, you can relax on the white sand beaches of Thinh Long, Hai Hau and especially Quat Lam, considered as a "Red Light" beach break place for men ;) Ah, the Xuan Thuy national park is also an attractive place for nature lovers.
Some attractions in Nam Dinh:
- La Xuyen wood sculpture village, Tong Xa bronze casting village
- Phu Day temple festival, Tran temple festival, Vieng market festival
- Thinh Long, Hai Hau and Quat Lam beaches
- Xuan Thuy national park
- Co Le pagoda, Pho Minh pagoda and Bui Chu cathedral
Nam Dinh travel
Ha Tinh:
Ha Tinh is a small province in the narrow central part of Vietnam. On the map of Vietnam travel Ha Tinh is not a prominent destination however travelers will find it a nice surprise as this land has best attractions that are still untouched by tourism. Most famous is Thien Cam beach however Ha Tinh has more than that. I came to Ha Tinh 2 years ago on a survey trip and was really impressed with this land, what I liked the most about Ha Tinh is the friendliness of local people and food in Ha Tinh is so special that you cannot find anywhere else in Vietnam. If you want a quiet place with cheap price then Ha Tinh must be a candidate. Delicious food, decent accommodation, beautiful nature, friendly people, prices are very reasonable, what else can you expect?
Some attractions in Ha Tinh:
- Ngang pass: Located between Ha Tinh and Quang Binh provinces, the pass is not long with 6 km and 250m high however this is one of the most spectacular passes in Vietnam.
- Ke Go lake: An artificial lake in Cam Xuyen district, the lake likes between hill sides
- Thien Cam and Thach Hai beaches
- Hong Linh mountain
- Huong Tich and Thien Tuong pagodas
- Son Kim hot spring
Ha Tinh travel
Quang Tri
Known as the main battlefield in the war time, Quang Tri is the where the Vietnamese and American veterans want to come back and recall the old memories. But Quang Tri also boast other attractive places such as Cua Tung beach, Con Co island and La Vang holyland. If you visit centre Vietnam I recommend a day trip to Quang Tri, not only to learn about the painful past of Vietnam history but also enjoy the peaceful landscapes of this land
Some attractions in Quang Tri province:
- Cua Tung beach
- Con Co island
- La Vang holyland
- Khe Sanh combat base
- Ben Hai river and Hien Luong bridge
- Vinh Moc tunnels
- Ancient citadel Quang Tri
Quang Tri travel
Binh Dinh
Binh Dinh is a coastal province in central Vietnam. In my opinion Binh Dinh is even more attractive than famous Mui Ne, and the wonderful thing is that Binh Dinh is very quiet, tranquil and much less touristy than Mui Ne. If you want to have a few days relax on the beach with a tight budget I would recommend Binh Dinh. The beach in Quy Nhon town is long with many small bays.
Ideal time to visit Binh Dinh is in dry season, from May to August, during this time the weather in Binh Dinh is more moderate compared to neighboring places. The rainy season starts in Binh Dinh from September to December so you avoid going in this time.
Attractions in Binh Dinh province:
- Thi Nai lagoon
- Quy Nhon beach
- Phuong Mai sand dunes (recommend for lovers of sand surfing)
- Yen island
- Cham twin tower
- Cu Lao Xanh or Green island and Hon Kho island
- Ghenh Rang beauty spot
- Ham Ho tourist site
Binh Dinh travel
Kon Tum
Kon Tum province is in the north of Central Highlands, in the language of ethnic people Ba Na the name Kon Tum means a village by a big lake on the side of Dakla river. Aside from the legendary epics, this land on the central plateau is also attractive as the junction of Indochina where a cock crowing can be heard in three countries Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Yeah, if you want to discover the mysterious of the central highlands and learn about the ethnic culture and keep the cost down you can choose Kon Tum. I can say that Kon Tum travel is attached with wildlife due to specific natural characteristics and the impression of gong culture of indigenous peoples.
Attractions in Kon Tum province:
- Wooden Cathedral, unique architecture, right in the centre of town
- Rong house Kon K'lor
- Bo Y border gate, the junction of 3 nations Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
- Mang Den ecotourism area, considered as another Da Lat
- Ngoc Linh mountain, good for climbing and trekking
- Chu Mon Ray national park and Dak Bla river
Kon Tum travel
Dong Nai
Dong Nai is the largest province in Vietnam, compared to other provinces in the south, Dong Nai doesn't have magnificent architecture works or seaside beaches however this land is blessed wonderful natural landscapes, suitable for nature explorers. Travelers to Dong Nai will enjoy the nuances of a southeastern region characterized by rivers, waterfalls and scenery.
People can visit Dong Nai on a day trip or weekend holidays, you can choose relaxation, river bathing, fishing, riding ostriches or enjoy the delicacies at one of many eco-tourist areas such as Mango Garden, Golden Scorpion, Tri An waterfalls, Dong Nai river resort...
One thing you need to know is that tourist sites and spots in Dong Nai are pretty far apart, and you need to set up an itinerary so that you can save travel time from place to place.
Some attractions in Dong Nai
- Long Khanh orchard, full of tropical fruits
- Nam Cat Tien national park
- Ba Chong rocks
- Giang Dien waterfall
- Buu Long eco-park
- Mango Garden eco tourism area
Dong Nai travel
Tra Vinh
Among provinces of Mekong Delta, Tra Vinh is perhaps a less known destination for travelers however it would be a pity if you travel the Mekong Delta without setting foot in this land. Tra Vinh in my opinion is most diversified in terms of culture and religion. In Tra Vinh you can find the most beautiful pagodas with many styles of architecture, from Vietnamese, Khmer to Chinese. The temples are scattered throughout the province. In addition to the beaches, islands, large orchards and characteristic ecosystem of the mangroves forests makes Tra Vinh an attractive destination. An ideal choice for those who want to have a kind of spiritual and cultural tourism combined with ecotourism. And from my adjustment the young girls in Tra Vinh are most beautiful in the south ;) If you come to Tra Vinh in Lunar New Year you can attend many festivals of Khmer people like Ok Om Bok, Chol Chnam Thmay...
Some attractions in Tra Vinh:
- Buddhist pagodas and temples such as Hang, Phno Don, Ang, stork or Nodol pagoda...
- Ao Ba Om (Ba Om pond) romantic scenery of nature
- Ba Dong beach, you can enjoy seafood here with very reasonable prices
- Mangrove forest
Tra Vinh travel
Ca Mau
Ca Mau province marks the end of Vietnam territory on land with rural scenery and characteristic beauty of Mekong river delta. Coming to Ca Mau you will have a chance to row the boat through the maze of canals in the mangrove forest, enjoy the fresh air of U Minh Ha forest with immense cajeput forest, creating a fascinating wild beauty. The combination of forest and sea has made Ca Mau very attractive. Ca Mau is the only place in Vietnam where you can view sunrise on the east and sunset on the west of the sea. In addition, don't forget to explore Ca Mau national park and U Minh forest with diversified flora and fauna.
Weather in Ca Mau can be divided into 2 distinct seasons: Dry and rainy season. The climate is relatively cool as Ca Mau is surrounded by sea so ideal time to visit Ca Mau is from April to September. If you go to Ca Mau on this occasion you may encounter a vibrant atmosphere of a wet land with human and nature are intertwined creating a warm atmosphere.
Some attractions in Ca Mau:
- Ca Mau cape
- U Minh forest
- Ngoc Hien bird yard
- Hon Khoai and Da Bac islands
- Khai Long beach
- Trem river, I recommend a boat trip on this river with spectacular snenery on the sides.
Ca Mau travel

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