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Top 6 best homestays in Sai Gon

If you are wondering where to stay in the next holiday for your family or friends, the famous homestay in Saigon below will be interesting suggestions.
Top 6 best homestays in Sai Gon 4221 Cafe & Homestay
Coming to 4221 Cafe & Homestay visitors will be immersed in the ancient space, ancient serenity, incredible peace. From bedroom sets, bedside lamps to vintage-style beds, 4221 Cafe & Homestay captures the heart of travelers. In addition, when coming to 4221 Café & Homestay visitors also enjoy the traditional food of Vietnam that can't be found in other homestay.

Chaos Downtown
Considered one of the unique homestay in Saigon, although it only opened for one year, Chaos Downtown is always in a state of fully booked. So, in order to stay here, visitors should book in advance long before your holiday.
Chaos Downtown offers a full range of facilities including bar, restaurant, cafe. Not only that, this place also impresses visitors with its very own art space.

The Common Room Project
Referring to The Common Room Project, visitors will immediately remember a cute ad: "The Common Room Project is not a hotel, nor a homestay. This is simply a home...when you are away from home a thousand miles."
Coming to this homestay, guests will have the opportunity to cook in modern kitchens, lounge or play board games with friends at the bar on the top floor.
The Common Room Project consists of 4 single rooms with 48 beds and 4 separate rooms reserved for couples or families at a cost of about 40 USD a room. Vietnam cheap tours

MaiSon31 Homestay
Not too focused on design, MaiSon31 Homestay gives visitors a quiet, airy but very familiar feeling as in your home. Especially, when coming to MaiSon31 Homestay visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious, attractive traditional Pho (noodle soup)

The Lanban
Separated from the excitement, luxury of Sai Gon, The Lanban hide in a peaceful place in the heart of the city. The Lanban is a blend of simplicity, authenticity with modernity, youthfulness. The Lanban is sure to inspire creative touches with visitors.

Otro Homestay
Considered to be one of the most modern homestay yet still retaining the characteristic Oriental features, Otro Homestay is the perfect choice for travelers who want to enjoy the most professional services.

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