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How to plan a cheap tour to Vietnam

You are planning to travel Vietnam with tight budget? Don't worry, our tips below will blow your concerns away.
how to plan a cheap tour to Vietnam 1 - Choose the destination
Before planning the trip to Vietnam, you need to think about the places of your interest and time of the trip. Please note that peak season in Vietnam is from October to April. Avoiding this time you can save up to 30% of your tour cost. In peak season cost for accommodation, eating, services at tourist sites are certainly more expensive than usual

If you just need a place to "unwind", you can choose the suburbs, or the historical sites for a fascinating trip. Consider the destinations by referring to information on the Internet, learn about the attractive promotion tours before starting to plan next steps

2 - Modes of transport
Consider the places to choose means of transport is by plane or train. With cheap airlines, you need to book tickets for a long time to get the best ticket deals. You can combine the routes of different airlines to save costs to the maximum. Especially if you want to extend the trip to other Indochina countries like Laos, Cambodia or Thailand.

If you just travel in Vietnam, tourist open buses is a comfortable mode of transport to keep the cost down. Motorbike is also a pretty good way of saving money, but you must always ensure the safety issues as well as the quality of your bike in a long trip, many backpackers travel Vietnam from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city by motorbikes, they purchase a bike in Hanoi, travel all the way south to Ho Chi Minh city and then sell the bike before going home, however in many cases the bikes were broken on the way and they had no choice but buy another to continue the trip.
Vietnam cheap tours 3 - Eating in Vietnam:
Vietnam is a long country with diversified culture, each region has a different taste, southern food tends to be spicy and sometimes difficult if you are not used to it. It would be a great idea to try some food on the streets, a very Vietnamese life style. The street restaurants sometimes give you an authentic feeling of the region.

Also, you can save a bit more by not including breakfast at hotel so that you can try local food outside or stay in bed a bit late. An alternative is to carry cooker so that you can make the food yourself with local materials. Self cooking will be very interesting if you're traveling in the forest such as trekking, especially in northern mountainous region of Vietnam such as Ha Giang, Sapa or Mai Chau valley.

4 - Sleeping in Vietnam
Naturally you need to take all 3 star hotels out of the list. What you need to do is search for information online and make a booking, thus you will save costs and ensure the plan. From my experience, most hotels have a last minute prices that is 50 % cheaper than public rates, however it would be risky as you need to wait until the last day to have this price, please consider carefully as it may affect your plan.

In some family hotels or guesthouses you can share the room with 6 people, some hostels offer dormitory for backpackers with just 3 USD per person for a night stay. In Hanoi and Sai Gon there are many cheap hotels in the backpacker areas
Tours to Vietnam at low cost 5 - Bring less cash
Simple ways to save money is the less cash you bring the better it is for you. When you travel in Vietnam you can easily get cash at ATM which are available in most cities, it would be better to use local currency to buy small things such as a cigarette pack or a bottle of water. Please keep the money remaining in the card so that you can restrain the lust for shopping

Do not forget to spend money shopping at the duty free shops at airports that will save you a lot. Saving a bit of everything that you can have a sizable amount for the trip.

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