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Five troubles foreign visitors encounter in Vietnam

Vietnam tourism has been opened to the world for nearly 20 years and the tourism environment has improved over time, however there are still annoyances that trouble internati0nal travelers when they visit Vietnam. In this article I would like to mention some complaints that visitors encounter during their tailor-made vacation in Vietnam
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1 - Overcharge at tourist sites:
For years, the problem of overcharge, push and force customers to buy at exorbitant prices...has become commonplace at the tourist destinations, especially in high season such as festive season at the beginning of the year when the number of domestic and international tourists increase sharply. This problem can be seen at famous tourist sites such as beaches, temples, pagodas, mountainous landscapes...
Foreign visitors to Vietnam is always a good prey as the vendors try to sell stuff at double price or even more than price local people pay. They have to pay even when take a photo, when catching a taxi many drivers would drive you around for more money. One thing that makes travelers upset the most is service charge, many restaurants don't mention this on the menu and then put it on the bill at the anger of visitors. Customize Vietnam trip
What should you do when you are involved in this case? Remember to make things clear before you order a meal or book a service, make sure that you understand what is included what is not. And you can call the police if you think you are victims of these bad sellers.

2 - Disorder of traffic condition
If you come to Vietnam for the first time you will be shocked at the situation of traffic in Vietnam, especially in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, at rush hours in the morning or late afternoon when people go to work or go home, thousands of cars, motorbikes, push bikes jostling and pushing for their way. Nobody seems to care about traffic rules. If you are a pedestrian looking for a line to cross the busy road you have to risk your life cutting through the endless stream of vehicles.
What should you do if you want to cross the street when there is no red light? Just keep walking slowly and have an eye at the traffic, don't run and don't stop and other people will know how to avoid you.
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3 - Too many beggars
There are a lot of beggars at tourist attractions, especially at public places like temples, pagodas, parks...at the New year time festivals, beggars can be seen sitting and lying on the ground at the entrances, they follow visitors all the way begging for money, many visitors have to give money as this is the only way to get out of the beggars. Some people abuse small children and elderly by using them begging money from tourists. Visitors usually see a miserable woman carrying her sleeping child in hand sitting at the junction and make money from passers-by. Some visitors fell into her trap by giving money to the woman, however the money will go to pocket of the woman or the people standing behind her and not help the child. In such cases we recommend that you give them food and never give money.

4 - Environmental pollution
According to adjustment by the Global Environment Program of the United Nations, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city are in the list of the most polluted cities in the world. In peak hours, smog from vehicles released can be seen everywhere. Not only that, local people and travelers suffer different kinds of noise pollution. Just go to street and you will hear the loud sounds of horns continuously until the cars start to move. The types of garbage littered every corner is something that visitors flinch. The walls were stained yellow with the smell making people sick. Especially in the rainy season, if we are struggling to find ways to cope flooding, the foreigners often take photograph and surprise as if this city is Venice.
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5 - Poor safety and hygiene of food
Vietnam cuisine is very diverse, but the sanitary condition causing insecurity for many travelers. Especially for street food, many people sell food processing do not wear gloves, so exposed. Where the eating place is just next to a sewer system, filled with trash. Seeing that image is enough to attract tourists not brave enough to try out the delicious dishes. In many restaurants at tourist areas the kitchen is just close to toilet that is smelly and dirty. In the markets, many people use chemicals and drugs to make the vegetables and fruit look fresher, that's because growers have used the chemicals to stimulate the growth of produce from unknown origin and drugs with high toxicity that has been banned to spray for fruit and vegetables. Along with vegetables, the livestock (pigs, chickens, cows, fish...) were used to gain weight for livestock and poultry.

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